Procedures Pricelist

Valid for season 2018

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In following section, you can find complete pricelist of all available spa procedures, which can be also booked separately.


Procedures Pricelist valid from 01.01.2018

*Paid treatments only Price
Initial medici konsultation 350,- CZK
Controlling konsultation 250,- CZK
Pearl-buble bath 300,- CZK
Bath with addivites 350,- CZK
Peat pack 300,- CZK
Paraffin wrap for hands 200,- CZK
*Full body massage 600,- CZK
Partial body massage 350,- CZK
Lavatherm 200,- CZK
*Foot massage 420,- CZK
*Relaxing headmassage 350,- CZK
*Manuallymphaticdrainage 700,- CZK
Underwater massage - partial 350,- CZK
*Underwater Massage - full body 500,- CZK
* Hot stones - back 450,- CZK
* Hot stones – full body 600,- CZK
*Aroma Massage partial 400,- CZK
*Aroma Massage - full body 650,- CZK
Reflexive massage 450,- CZK
Beauty massage 400,- CZK
Beauty massage – small 200,- CZK
Anti – cellulite Massage 700,- CZK
Therapeutic exercise in pool 200,- CZK
*Lymphatic drainage- machine 400,- CZK
Electrotherapy 180,- CZK
Magnetotherapy 200,- CZK
Ultra-sound 180,- CZK
Inhalation 180,- CZK
Carbon dioxide gas- application 200,- CZK
Partial gas bath 250,- CZK
*Oxygen therapy (40 min) 300,- CZK
*Oxygen therapy (20 min) 150,- CZK
*Injektion application 100,- CZK
* Measuring blood presure 50,- CZK
* Prescriptions, certification 150,- CZK
*Gerovital - Injection 3 650,- CZK


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