Description of spa procedures in hotel Belvedere

Wellness is a lifestyle that helps prevent against negative influences of our time on human health. Aim of this study is to help people in today’s modern world and find their way to quality and full life.

The aroma massage
is a relaxation massage using oil aromas (according to the current menu). During the massage, the fragrant essential oils penetrate the skin entering the body and at the same time are inhaled, which combines the pleasing power of scent with the healing power of touch.

Sedative head massage
Very nice relaxing head massage, hair pieces, neck, which creates maximum relaxation, reduces tension of neck muscles, which are the first response to excess stress.

Hot stone massage
Hot Stone Massage is an exclusive therapy that combines the radiant heat from natural stones and special massage techniques into an unforgettable experience. The lava stones are heated in a water bath and a smooth surface for the help of aromatic oils massaged all over the body. They help eliminate blocking the important points (meridians) and stimulate energy flow in the body. Hot stone massage has a high therapeutic and relaxing effect. It stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic system, deeply relaxes and harmonizes, warms up the whole body and helps detoxify the body.

Face cosmetic massage
It rejuvenates the skin and delays the process of aging, suppresses the formation of wrinkles and evens skin around the eyes, reduces stress and thus the hard contours of the face, on the contrary, it softens, makes us younger and fresher, has a beneficial effect on the psyche through a large number of nerve receptors induces a positive feeling of self-confidence, relaxation and inner joy.

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Procedures Pricelist

In following section, you can find complete pricelist of all available spa procedures, which can be also booked separately.