Healing springs

Marianske Lazne is situated in an area that is extremely rich in natural healing resources. The small area rises approximately 100 strands. The curative effects of mineral springs examined monks from a nearby monastery in Warm. Already in 1528 the monks served the first written report on local springs. For a long time, however, these sources inaccessible, surrounded by swamps and dense forests. The emergence of the spa is credited to a doctor Josef Jan Nehru, who in the 18th century advocated the use of springs for therapeutic purposes. His efforts have garnered success and in 1818 was declared a public Marianske Lazne spa resort, which soon became very popular and sought after.


This spring is one of the oldest and longest-used sources that its therapeutic effect is primarily used in gastrointestinal diseases (diseases of the stomach, intestines, gallbladder, liver and pancreas), for metabolic disorders (obesity, gout, diabetes mellitus) and allergic diseases, which are subject to digestion disorders. The source of sulfate sodium-bicarbonate-ferrous mineral waters with high acid content metasilicic. Previously marked as Glauber salt. The presence of sulfates in water causes a laxative effect, especially after consuming more than ¾ liters per day.


Ferdinand Spring is in the center Úšovice and belongs to the same category as the KŘÍŽOVÝ Spring, although it is slightly more mineralized. It is therefore particularly suitable for the treatment of diseases of the digestive tract and metabolism. This source consists of a total of seven springs for drinking water treatment, however, uses a spring Ferdinand I. Other springs are used for mineral baths.


Rudolph Spring is located 350 m southeast of Ferdinand Spring colonnade and its name was given by the crown prince and heir of Franz Joseph I. - Rudolf. It is a natural mineral water, which has a diuretic effect. Therefore, it is used in diseases of the kidney and urinary tract. Source has a high content of calcium (ratio of calcium to magnesium is 5:4) and is therefore suitable for drinking cure complementary treatment of osteoporosis. Rudolph Spring also has anti-inflammatory properties and is used for inflammation of the urinary tract.


LESNÍ spring bubble up in the northern part of the city and its composition differs considerably from other sources. Its composition slightly alkaline with stomach contents, and is therefore suitable for the treatment of various diseases of the digestive tract. It is also used for inhalations in diseases of the upper respiratory tract. It is also suitable for the treatment of some urological diseases, such as urinary stones from uric acid, which strongly alkalized.


Ambrose was named after the abbot of the monastery Tepla - Ambrose. This source consists of three springs of similar chemical composition. It is a poorly mineralized iron acidulous, used for its high iron content in certain forms of anemia and for its diuretic effect also in diseases of the urinary tract, especially when lithiasis. Ambrose springs bubble up at Central Spa Hotel.


Caroline spring was originally called New. After the reconstruction of the pipe, the spring was escorted to the Rudolf Spring Colonnade. This spring, unlike other sources has a higher content of magnesium (the ratio of calcium and magnesium is 2:5) and is therefore used in various urological disorders and the treatment of kidney stones.

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