Marianske Lazne is the youngest member of the famous West Bohemian spa triangle (founded in 1808) and their fame is based on the mineral springs. The dominant of Marianske Lazne is a unique promenade with pavilion springs, cast iron colonnade registered in UNESCO heritage and singing fountain.

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Healing springs
The amount of water prescribed for drinking cure usually reaches up to 1 liter per day. Mineral springs are also used for inhalations and mineral baths.

Colonnade with The Singing Fountain
The singular iron structure dates from 1889. The fountain goes through a different program every other hour, and is accompanied by music and special lighting.

Ferdinand Springs colonnade
Empire colonnade built in 1826 by Abbot Reitenberger. Within a small area flow several mineral springs with varied chemical content. Ferdinand I and II are the oldest springs known since the 16th century for their remarkable, salty taste.


Geological Park: This educational trail presents an overview of the geological characteristics and flora communities of Slavkovský les.

Goethe´s Trail (1 Km): Enjoy the natural landscape visited by the poet and scholar, Johann Wolfgang Goethe, on his walks with Ulrika von Lewtzov (visiting Mariánské Lázně in 1821 - 1823).

Royal Trail (1,6 Km): Trail to the lookout spots that inspired Fridrich August II., King of Saxony (visiting Mariánské Lázně in 1834 - 1835).

Climate corresponds to the mountain climate, clean air, mild stimulant, sufficiently moist and particularly rich in healthy ozone. This combination enhances the effect of therapeutic treatments.

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Healing springs

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